Guide to Holding your Newborn Baby

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Published: 16th December 2010
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A Daddy Guide to Holding your Newborn Baby

Babies are so adorable and cute yet are so fragile. Excited daddies should take extra care in holding and cuddling these little ones. Reading books like a daddy guide to holding a newborn baby can help new fathers be comfortable with new babies. This would mean whether the father is in bed or in a chair or a nursing rocker, he should always keep in mind that child's heads need to be supported. Hold the baby upright facing outward against your chest. Wrap arms around the baby and gently kiss the baby and smell that fresh baby scent. Sleeping babies will also enjoy the closeness and security of the parents' voice. So, it's good to talk to the baby while they're sleeping, or falling to sleep. Daddy may also enjoy the sight of his baby smiling and giggling in his sleep. It is said to be one of the loveliest sights and new dads should keep watch for this.

Newborns also love to hear singing, reading, or chanting while touching each of the baby's toes. Changing the tone and volume of your voice then squeaking out, will allow daddy to see that the baby appears alert and moves in synchrony with his speech. The baby will eventually get familiar with daddy's voice as newborns can recognize familiar sounds and voices. Baby also grasp tightly at offered fingers. So, bonding can be developed through close skin and eye contact in the early weeks of life.

Crying is a baby's way of communicating. This means that something must be wrong or that something may be needed. Babies cry for a number of reasons and the most common reason is the need for a diaper change. Babies should never be left to soak in a dirty diaper for too long, especially if he or she is lying in daddy's arms. Needing a bottle is also a common reason for crying. So, it is important for a new father to learn to support the baby while supporting the baby's bottle. It is important to make sure that the bottle is at the right angle for feeding the baby, and that the baby's head is supported throughout feeding.

There may be many causes for a baby's discomfort, and while holding the baby, daddy should make sure that the baby is always comfortable.

Daddy should be aware that while you are changing diaper, the baby might urinate again and that urine will go bursting out like a fountain and might get you wet. So while changing diaper, make sure you do it quick and that you are quick enough to cover it when it goes up again. This can be frustrating, but new fathers should remember that it's not the baby's fault. Picking the baby back up after a diaper change may be difficult from some new fathers. Many people like to use the lift and scoop method, where the baby's legs are lifted, then the parent slides their hand beneath the baby's body up to his head, and scoops the baby up with support from their forearm. Changing diapers may be difficult, but picking the baby up with the lift and scoop method can make it a little easier.

You must be aware of the temperature around the baby. A baby may quickly overheat if they have too many layers of clothing or bedding. A newborn baby is unable to control body temperature, so the parent must be sure to keep the baby in the most comfortable surroundings as possible. When the father is holding the baby it is important to make sure that the baby is wrapped up but not wrapped up too much. On top of the head is a soft spot called fontanelle. The soft spot is formed during birth, but the four bones that make up the skull will fuse together in twelve to eighteen months. However, in the baby's time as a newborn, the new father must be aware and be careful around this spot. It is crucial for a new father to learn about this spot at the top of the baby's head and to take extra care to avoid touching the top of baby's head while holding him or her.

Fathers are seen as strong and secure, so it is important that new fathers hold their babies firmly and securely in their arms. Babies love being wrapped firmly in a baby blanket or cuddled up in adults' arms. This certainly reminds them of a familiar womb environment and feels safe and comfortable with being all wrapped up. Babies also have a fear of falling or getting loose, so the new baby must be kept secure in his father's arms. You may observe it when they give you that startle reflex at any time their arms and legs become loose.

This daddy's guide to holding newborn babies is just the basics. Daddy may learn more by reading to a lot of how to care newborn baby books, and certainly the best tool for learning is practice. So, new fathers, don't be afraid to get in there and hold the baby. The more the new father holds the new baby, the more confident he becomes in his own ability to hold a protect his baby. Remember babies may not accurately see you because of their shortsightedness but they can definitely remember your scent, your voice, and the way you hold them. The baby will eventually become familiar with the father's arms and any feeling of anxiety will be lost, and the father will have the pleasure of seeing an angelic smile come to his baby's face each time he picks him/her up.

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